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San Diego's #1 Smoke Shop. Huge Selection Of the finest American made glass smoking pipes, full line of Vapes' Vaporizers and Elquid's. We also carry all the Best Shisha and hookahs, including Starbuzz, Fumari, Al Fak Her and more. Click here to see all products we carry

American Made Glass!

Keeping Quality first we carry the best American and San Diego made glass waterpipes in the county. Full line of all the latest scientific tubes and rigs. Brands include Hvy, Zob, Illusion, Hit Man, Medicali, Cris Cringean, Glass Distractions, Nectar Collector, Bio, the Crush, and so many more...Click here for Directions and Map

All the Best Vapes and Ecigs

Looking for the best Juice? Want help finding that perfect E-cig? Tired of smelly clothes and car. Stop burring those precious lungs and Stop by the Smoke Shack and will get set up and vaping in no time. SEE MORE


Want the best Shisha or a great hookah? The Smoke Shack Smoke Shop in San Marcos, CA has all the best brands and flavors. We full flavor lines for all the best brands of shish, including Starbuzz, Fumari, Al Fakher and more...

Glass Cleaners

Tierd of using that nasty clogged pipe? Try one of our great Water pipe, or Glass Spoon pipe cleaning solutions. We carry all the best brands to take the hassle out of cleaing your glass. With a knowledgable staff, we can help you find the perfect cleaning product for you piece! Brands include; Orange Chonic, Fourmula 420, Grunge Off, Flash Cleaner, Resinate, Smoak Soap and more..

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Easy to get to from anywhere any San Diego, Smoke Shack Smoke Shop is Located in the heart of San Marcos, locals will agree we are the best smoke shop in North County San Diego, CA. Bringing the highest quality of smoking products at the lowest prices possible. We stock wide range of American made water pipes, locally made glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers, detox, ecigs, and more. Don't miss checking out our top shelf section full of the best most scientific water pipes around. Our friendly staff is here to help in any way we can. If you enjoy hookah we got you covered, we are a one stop shop. We have a wide range of hookahs from beging to expert, tons of shisha and just about every starbuzz flavor out there.

Glass Pipe's and Bubblers

All the best glass smoking products you could ever want. We carry all the best American made, California made, And locally made Glass in town. including; Hand Pipes, Spoon Pipes, Water Pipes, Bubbler, Dab Tools, Rigs, Domes Nails, Titanium, Ti and so much more

Hard Wood Pipes

Looking for a high quality wood pipe to smoke your favorite pipe tobacco or herb? We carry only the finest American sourced and made wooden pipes for the perfect flavor with out any compromise. Stop in to the best smoke shop in town!

Ash Catchers

Want to keep your best piece sparkling? Adding an ash catcher in line onto your water pipe can drastically reduce the amount of ash and other contaiments from getting into your water and tarnishing you piece. An ash catcher is the first line of defense for any Glass Water Pipe


Got a Broken or mismatched down stem? We got you back, We carry just about every size and type of down stem that you need; German diffused, slotted, glass on glass, 14mm, 19mm, 18mm, 29mm plus full line of attachments to convert your current water pipe into a rig.

Ecig's, Vape, E-Juice

Stop burning your product, destroying your lungs, and smelling up all of your close. Stop Smoking Today, with a brand new Ego Ecig. Smoking tobacco is a nasty habit akin to cavemen burning your smoke is just asking for trouble. Electronic Cigarettes and e hookah is the only thing you should be inhaling. You get all the same effects you would from smoking with a lot less of the insanely risky side effects. When you vaporize e liquid or e juice in your e hookah you convert the nicotine in the juice into steam which can be inhaled with out all the tar and other carcinogens that are commonly associated with tobacco smoke and burning of plant material.


If you are going to smoke your product, why not do it the most efficient and sanitary way possible. The most effective and quickest way to smoke or vaporize you product is to grind it down a fine almost powdery state. The most sanitary way to do this is through the use of a state of the art product such as the Space Case Titanium grinder. With this You are able to achieve a fine easily combustible blend with out contaminating the product with the jungle of bacteria growing on the tips of your fingers. Providing you with the satisfaction you never dreamed possible

Detox & Synthetic Urine

Full line of Detox products and Synthetic Urine. Whether you want a 1 hour detox or 5 day permanent flush. We have what you need. We also carry tons of different synthetic urine kits. we carry everything from urine Flasks to full blown strap on kits with real look and feel member!

Glass Cleaning Products

Easy to use cleaning products for all you smoking accessories; One minute cleaners, Soakers, Scrubs. Not matter what you use we have something that will clean it including; Fourmula 420, Orange Chronic, Grunge Off, Rez Block, New Glass, Smoke Soap, And Flash by Dr Greens
If your into Vaping or just trying to find an alternative to smoking cigarettes Smoke Shack Smoke Shop has you covered. We have a full line of E-hookahs, Tasty Eliquid and disposable electronic e cigarettes. E-hookahs And e-cigs are great way to help stop smoking, and curb your habit with a aromatic alternative. Our e-lquids come in amazing flavors and varying levels of nicotine. The perfect solution to ease your way out of nicotine cravings slowly decreasing the amount of nicotine in each puff.

Stop by today and browse our ever growing selection of local, California, USA made: water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers and more. We are constantly looking for local artist to fill our shelves. If you have talent with glass and our looking to expand your market presence, give us a call and stop by to show us what you got, we love to support local artist because then we all grow together.